Cut – 10/2005

Title: Cut
Date: October 2005
Genre: Angst

Explanation: During my younger years, I concentrated mostly on rhyming or free-verse poetry. Most of the poems from 2005-2008 are dark and depressing. Self-harm was a dark stage in my own life and I have known others who suffer from it as well. This poem speaks about the addiction to pain, not the will to die, that leads someone to hurt themselves.


It’s for the pain, the blood, the hate.
How can something so bad feel so great?

Some are addicted to beer and cocaine,
I myself am addicted to the pain.

Don’t need a friend or a stranger,
Tell me not of the present danger.

Pretend not to care for me, I’ll be fine,
And then I will go when death’s turn is mine.

Tell me its sick, tell me its wrong,
When my fresh scars sing agony’s song.

For once addicted its so hard to stop,
But blood gets me a high nothing can top.

And then I will go when death’s turn is mine . . .


This poem was originally posted on Fictionpress on 04/10/2005


Suicide and Self – Harm is a serious matter.
If you or someone you know needs help please contact your local suicide hotline or other trusted person.

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