Announcing: HoriZion

I’ve decided to start a project exclusively for online reading, called HoriZion.
It will be written the in style of a Japanese Light Novel. (see Wiki article)

The first chapter should be released soon. For now, please enjoy a synopsis.


Set in an alternate reality, the city of Tzion is under siege by vampires. In a world where the day never lasts longer than 10 hours, the vampires thrive and it is the job of the Bureau of Vampire Affairs to keep the peace. Haru Tsukino is a 19 year old Patrolman’s Assistant, eager to move up in the complex BVA hierarchy. His future looks bright until after an incident, his mother reveals to him that he is half-vampire. If anyone were to find out, the sentence would be death. Haru is now forced to live a lie while pursuing his dream of working with BVA, but everything changes when he meets a girl named Miyako, who is born of a vampire like him, but forced to live on the dark side.


This work is protected by DCMA Copyrights

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