HORIZION 1.1 – Preview

horizioncovermainHORIZION 1.1

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Text version below.  Enjoy.

Volume 1 – Chapter 1: Damn Vampires

“Damn vampires.”  Haru breathed, lighting a cigarette.

Haru’s partner, Katsuo nodded.

The pair stood over the mangled body of a middle aged man. His neck had nearly been pulled clear from his body, the blood and flesh strewn all over the pavement.

Katsuo inspected the man’s ID. “His name is Richard Bookman.” He swiped the card against the scanner on his tablet. “Says here he’s on a work visa, it expires next week.”

Haru shook his head. “I hate it when they kill foreigners.”

“Yeah, so much paperwork.” Katsuo laughed, but was silenced by Haru’s look.

Haru took a drag from his cigarette. “Well, let’s get this cleaned up.” He could not bear to look at dead bodies for longer than he had to.

The pair strode away while the medical examiners finished taking photos of the scene. Haru scrolled through the photos on his tablet. “This attack is similar to the two we found yesterday. Not many vampires have the strength to dismember a full grown man.”

It was a damp, depressing night. The soft rain drummed against the hood of their black squad car. “Send that the files to Ueda. I want a coffee.” Katsuo sighed as he got into the car.

“We should hurry back, Katsuo.” Haru said slowly.

“Ah, nothing we can do now. He’s already dead.” His friend replied. “He’s the morgue’s problem now.” He noticed Haru’s worried expression. “Aw come on, you can’t be uptight just because you’re new.”

“I can’t think of a better reason.” Haru said, staring out the tinted window as they drove through the streets. The lights of the city reflected off of the wet pavement.

Katsuo shook his head. “Come on, buddy.” He said. “I’ll buy and if we get in trouble, I’ll take the lecture. Promise.”

Haru felt warmth in his friend’s smile. “Ok.” He agreed reluctantly.

A few minutes later they stopped at their favourite café. The pair sat at their usual table by the window. It was well past midnight, so the café was empty aside from a couple in the back corner; they were obviously on a day, judging by the amount of giggling and pet names being exchanged. Katsuo took his coffee black with a shot of espresso on the side.  Haru’s stomach was still turning from the gruesome scene, so he had a small mint tea.

“You’re a bad influence, you know that?” Haru said after a few minutes of silence.

“Hey, I need someone to keep me in check.” Katsuo replied. “Why else would I have hung out with a freshman in school?” He took a sip of coffee and lit a cigarette. “We need each other.”

Haru rolled his eyes. “Oh, don’t get a sentimental, it’s not like you.”

“You started it.” Katsuo said, running his hand through his short brown hair. He paused, turning to look at the couple in the back of the café.

“What is it?” Haru lowered his voice.

Katsuo felt a chill run over him. The man stared at him for a moment and then motioned to his date. She obeyed and they left the café in a hurry. The bell on the door chimed as it slammed shut.

“Vampire.” Katsuo breathed. “Alright, tea time is over.” He threw a handful of change on the table and ran out after the pair.

Haru followed, close on his partner’s heels. He had only been hunting vampires for a few weeks;  he had not developed a sixth sense like Katsuo.

The pair disappeared around a dark corner.

Katsuo drew his UV gun. “Come out, vampire!” He barked into the blackness.

There was a shriek in the distance.

“Shit.” Katsuo flipped on the flashlight built into his weapon.

The bright light illuminated the alley way. The vampire had the girl pinned against the concrete, feeding vigorously. His teeth sliced through her skin. Her blood that missed his lips poured out, soaking her striped dress.

Haru froze a pace behind his partner. He gasped, never having seen a scene like this. He fumbled furiously, sending out a signal for backup.

“Freeze!” Katsuo demanded, pointed the UV gun at the vampire. It was a newer model, less bulky and much more powerful from the last edition. It didn’t have a warm-up delay, so the blast meant an instant death for any vampire that got in its path.

The vampire looked away from his victim, hissing at the hunters.

The girl was dead, so Katsuo needed no other reason to fire. He pulled the trigger and a shot of purple ultraviolet light exploded from the gun. It sent purple sparks into the air and collided with the vampire.

Scientists had discovered that it was UV light from the sun that damaged the vampires’ skin, so a pure shot of concentrated UV shredded them like tissue paper.

The vampire screamed as his skin was ripped through by the blast, erupting in a mass of steam and burning flesh. His bubbling remains coated the corpse of his victim in a red-black slime.

Katsuo powered down the weapon and lit a cigarette. “Damn vampires.”


(C) Feb. 2013 Samantha Bell – Protected by DCMA Copyright / Intellectual Property

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