When the Mood Strikes (aka Overcoming Writers Block)

Writer’s block is a writer’s worst enemy. Nothing is worse that needing to get your creative mojo flowing and feeling uninspired, well… except 1 thing:
Wanting to write, having an idea but for whatever reason, you just can’t get the words out. Writers constipation, a new phrase to coin right there!

To make things worse, when you do get the urge and the words to finally put it down on paper, you’re somewhere (or some-when) very inconvenient. Personally, for me it’s always around midnight and because I’m so exhausted from working and chasing a toddler I think to myself “That’s awesome. I should write it down … Nah, I’ll remember in the morning.”
Of course, I. DO. NOT.
Moral of the story, always keep a paper close by. Oh and, don’t lose it.
Alternatively, I’ve just started using Evernote. (I know it’s been around for years but I was late to the party on this one.) And now, when I’m on lunch, on the subway or even in bed I can plow out my ideas like a mofo.
Now, if I could just remember my ideas from the past 24 years…


1 thought on “When the Mood Strikes (aka Overcoming Writers Block)

  1. plain truth, great tips. Thanks for sharing.


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