Sneak Peek – Untitled Manuscript

Hello Everyone,

I have been forgoing blog posts in order to work on a project that has been collecting dust for some time. It will be a YA themed novel, probably a one-shot but the world might be open to sequels, we will have to wait and see. 

There is no title yet, but the plot is beginning to flesh out. Please enjoy a short excerpt while I continue to brainstorm some titles. Seriously, titles are the hardest part. I had an easier time naming my daughter than I do my books.

Reapers don’t last forever, nothing does. My brother has told me that eventually, the darkness of our existence overcomes us and we are absorbed into the Nothing: a place for forgotten souls.

When I close my eyes and let the depression and anger over come me, I feel the pull of the darkness. The tendrils wrap around my body and burn into me. That is what snaps me awake again. My brother says I am too young for that. He tells me a good Reaper is able to suppress their emotions, the best have no emotions at all. I guess he and I are not the best.

Thanks for reading! Any guesses about the theme of this one?

Until next time…

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