KO – A Brief Personal Introduction.

I don’t write about religion.

Wrong. I never write about MY religion.

Why? I’ve never thought of why until today. So, let’s give a bit of background to this post. I have been a Wiccan since I was twelve. I dabbled here and there, went through stages of extreme dedication and also pushed it to the background when things got hard. I stuck to the basic Lord and Lady, never really went out to explore the pantheons much. A few years ago, back in 2011 I became more and more interested in the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Pantheon. I had a particular attraction to Bast (OMG how Wiccan of me, a cat Goddess, just sayin’) and even more so to Ra, the Sun God. It was through His power and my experiences with Him (among others, too many to list for this post. I will reflect on those later.) that brought me to look further.

In summer 2012, while on Maternity leave I found Kemetic Orthodoxy and the House of Netjer. At first, I was just curious. I signed up on their forums and poked around a bit, wondering if this was really truly a functioning religion. Later, I signed up for their beginners course that started in the fall but ultimately dropped out of it. Why? I wasn’t in a good time in my life, I could not dedicate myself to learning about Deities and rituals and everything else that goes along with most faiths.

Some months passed, and I tried again. This time it stuck. I finished the course, chatted with some of the priesthood, attended the online rituals and did some of my own. It felt amazing. So now, I consider myself a Remetj of Kemetic Orthodoxy. I plan on undergoing the process of becoming a full fledged member soon.

So, to sum things up I now practice Kemetic Orthodoxy and Wicca occasionally because I really really like circle-casting magick and the holidays.

Holidays. That was the original purpose of this post. And because I like to keep a decent word count for you people I shall split it up. Well, onto the next one.

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