KO – Thoughts on Wep Ronpet 2014

As  I was saying in my previous post that I needed to split up, I don’t often talk about my religion. Why? Well, its personal. I don’t like biblethumpers or extremist atheists getting all “up in my grill”, so I don’t usually bring up the subject.  But I promised myself I would make this blog more personal and this is just to big a side of me to ignore for the sake of the public’s opinion.

So, for all of you who did not know, Wep Ronpet (or the Kemetic New Year) was on Aug 2 2014. Before Wep Ronpet are the 5 Epagomenal days, representing the days that Djehuty bargained for so Nut could give birth to her five children. (I’m not a Egytpologist, so here’s some info.) The celebrations for each of the Gods were preformed over IRC chat for the members of the temple that could not make it in person at Tawy House. (Tawy House is our temple in Joliet, Illinois – I live in Canada so was unable to make the week long event.)

Day 1 – Wesir (July 29th 2014) 

I was pretty nervous walking into this one. Wesir and I haven’t spoken since a ritual I did years ago that is better left unmentioned. Needless to say, I was terrified that I had disrespected Him and that He hated me forever – yeah, I’m serious. So when I sat at my shrine and lit a candle for him, with the IRC chat going on in the tablet on my lap, I was very pleasantly surprised. I felt totally forgiven, in fact it was more the feeling of “there is nothing to forgive.” I nearly cried. But afterwards, I felt much lighter and free. I didn’t worry about what I had done anymore and I thanked Him and celebrated Wesir with the rest of the temple.

Day 2 – Heru the Elder (July 30 2014)

I did not know what to expect with this one. Heru the Elder (aka NOT the Heru born of Aset and Wesir), is not a God that I know well, in fact I had never approached Him before this ritual, also run over IRC. But He was welcoming and I felt very content after it was all done. A break from the emotions of last night, I was able to simply enjoy the presence of Netjer with my fellows in the temple and pray for the New Year.

Day 3 – Set (July 31 2014)

I am just as guilty as most other people who have preconceived notions that scare them away from Set. I never understood Him, and kept my distance out of fear of being smited with a red sandstorm of wrath. How wrong I was. Of course I was nervous going into it, but so many of the members of the temple speak of Set so fondly and with such reverence, I was really excited to meet Him. He didn’t say anything to me, but His presence was obvious. There was a solemn heaviness in the room, so much so that I felt it weighing down on me. But the weight did not feel threatening, instead it was a protective, warrior-like feeling that made me feel safe knowing I had the Red Lord in my corner if help was needed coming into this New Year.

Day 4 – Aset (August 1 2014) 

My experience with Aset was amazing. I don’t want to get into too much details, besides that it included an incredible amount of hugs and me lagging on the IRC because it was hard to pay attention to my tablet with Her near me.

Day 5 – Nebthet (August 2 2014)

My experience with Nebthet was much different than with any of the other Names, simply because it was done during the day and thus my toddler-aged daughter was awake and she needed attention. I sat at my shrine and lit incense and candles while keeping up with the IRC and sitting with her on my lap. She joined in with the Heka and scribbled on some paper as we all wrote letters to Nebthet and blew out the candles for me when we were done. (Which she loved.) My ritual with Nebthet, though I barely got in any quiet prayer time was one of the best, because She reminded me, what was most important in life and how precious it was.

So there it is, I was going to include some of my resolutions for the next year, but I think they’re better off left unsaid. I woke up to greet the Sun and praise Ra this morning and I also said some words for all 5 children of Nut. (Wesir, Heru, Set, Aset and Nebthet). Here’s to another wonderful year! Nehktet! 

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