Exerpt – The Curse Chapter 18


The Curse can be read in it’s entirety for free at WattPad.com


The following is one of my favorite fight scenes in The Curse.
Nothing like some blood and gore to start the day off right, enjoy!

The Black Phoenix growled and reached out with his claws again. Rick managed to grab him and wrestle him to the ground. “Let’s see how tough you are now!” He pulled a switchblade from his back pocket.

     Joseph could smell the beer in Rick’s breath. The Black Phoenix survival instincts boiled over and he mustered all of his strength to slash Rick across the face and send the blade flying across the room. It fell against the wall with a clatter. He got back to his feet quickly.

     “Joseph! No, don’t kill him!” Sora could see the bloodlust in the vampire’s eyes.  His pupils reflected the light from the kitchen like an animal.

     Rick would not let himself be defeated. He threw a punch and it landed square on Joseph’s jaw.

      The bone splintered with a loud crack. Blood trickled from the corner of Joseph’s mouth as he stood in shock. The pain only lasted a few moments. There was another loud click as the bone began to fix itself.  The Black Phoenix gave Rick an evil crooked smile as the blood started drying and flaking away. He laughed and spat out a molar in a gob of blood. The blood on the floor dried to a stain leaving only the tooth on the carpet. 

     “Care to try that again?” The Black Phoenix hissed. He wiped the dried blood from his nose.

     Rick’s fists dropped along with his jaw. He stared in disbelief and gasped.  “What the hell?” He could only mutter.  His heart was pounding in fear.

     The Black Phoenix grinned, spitting out the last of the blood stained saliva and wiped his chin. “Don’t pick a fight with a vampire. You can’t win.” He laughed and brought his hand to Rick’s throat. His claws ripped into the man’s pounding jugular. He did his grisly deed, leaving the man spilling blood all over the floor. The room was silent.

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