the editors speak: what makes a good review

This is a great resource for people looking to give or receive reviews. Long read but a great one!

One of the most important things we do as members of an intellectual community is assist in peer review.  As important as it is, reviewing papers is one of the tasks that receives the least amount of attention in graduate school training.  We certainly learn how to critique in grad school, but, as you’ll see by the editors’ comments below, critiquing is not the same thing as reviewing. Most of us learn how to be reviewers simply by doing it.  While there will never be a definitive how-to manual for reviewing, I thought it would be nice if our field could identify some of the best practices in reviewing. With that idea in mind, I asked a number of current and former editors at journals in organizational theory and sociology to comment about what they think makes a good review.  This post includes their thoughts.

You’ll notice that the editors…

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