Books I Read vs Books I Buy

Hi, my name is Samantha and I love books. I love the smell of a freshly bound hardcover book… I love to put my face in there and take a good sniff. (Yes, don’t worry I’m still talking about books.)

I also love to buy books. I love coming home to my shelves full of books, stacked and sorted by size and genre. I love how they take up the entire wall, trophies of many a night spent curled up on a chair with my head in another world.

I love reading. I read daily, on my commute, on my breaks and before bed. I average about a book a week, sometimes less and sometimes more, depending on what life is throwing me. But I always make time to read. However, being on a budget – I couldn’t afford my book habit if I had to buy every book. Thank the stars for the public library and Overdrive.

So, being on such a budget with such an addiction, I really have to think before I spend the money ($0.99 or $29.99+) on a book. I think hard about if I can, if I should and if I really want to. I generally have some basic criteria when deciding when to buy:

1- If I like it, am I willing to buy the series?
I can’t stand it if I’m collecting a series and can’t get my hands on a volume or two. (This is especially true with graphic novels.) If there’s an unfinished series on my bookshelf it pokes my OCD until I give in. Or hid them behind another, complete series. Because of course my shelves are double stacked.

2- Will I read it again?
Most books I read once, skim while writing a review and then that’s it. When I was younger I used to read books over and over, but now I have a “to-read” list way to long for that. I tend to spend my money on books that are non-fiction and that can be used for reference (see point 3) but now and then I do splurge on fiction.

3 – Will the information stay relevant? 

Back when I was born, my parents bought a $2000 set of encyclopedias, which now 24 years later are outdated dust collectors. Only a fraction of the information is still relevant. But they do look nice on the shelf.

4 – Am already a fan of the author?
This is kind of a no brainer, but as an author I like to support the writers as much as possible. (If I had the money, I would buy all the books.) However, because I’m on a tight budget, I stick to dropping my cash on authors that I truly swoon over – hopefully someone will do that for me one day. Pay it forward!

Although I have all these rules for myself, I can never say no to buying books for my 2 year old.

She loves to read as much as I do (thankfully her books are short, colourful and fun to read …err, memorize.) I try to stick to the bargain box for her through, because she’s taking after her mother.

And hey, there’s worse things to be addicted to, right?

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