Sneak Peek 2 – Untitled Manuscript

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a treat, I figured I should post a snippet of a romantic scene from my current project. (Yes, the infamous “Working Title” listed on my Goodreads Page.) I’m expecting to have it completed by early summer 2015 and I really should get around to naming the darn thing. If you remember from the last Sneak Peak I posted, it was quite dark. This manuscript is growing to be a dark, cynical story sprinkled with some teen romance just to make things interesting.

There was a commmradery among Reapers, a certain fondness for each other. But there was not emotion like this, not love.  This love that burned a hole through your heart,  pain and pleasure combined into one agonizing feeling. Love was a human thing,  love was not for Reapers. And with this weak human body, my reapers heart was torn asunder.

Did I love him? Could I love him knowing full well what it meant – it would hurt us both in the end. But love makes people stupid, and it was in that moment as we kissed, I decided that I didn’t care.


PinterestAs I said, there is no official synopsis or title yet, but will be coming soon!

Happy Valentines Day, I wish you all love in all of its forms! ♥

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