The Post-Nano Blues

The April edition of Camp NaNoWriMo has come and gone, and at the end of it I had come out with just over 20,000 new words to add to my untitled manuscript. Weeks later, it is well into May and guess how many words I have written. ZERO.

I have come to call this lull in creativity the Post-Nano Blues.

I refrain from using the phrase “Writers Block” since reading this fantastic article / peptalk by author Emily Russel. I quote her below.

Writer’s block is what happens when you don’t write enough to keep going.  … Long story short: if you want to get over your writer’s block, force yourself to write something. If you want to get over a ‘hurdle’ in a particular story, force yourself to crawl over it, one irritating inch at a time. Who cares if you’re producing literary geenyus every moment of tappity-tapping? That’s what editing is for. If you want, you can come back and write the whole damn scene over later. For now, just get it done. And once it’s done, you can go on. This is how you get anything, anything in the world, done.

This is just a short sample of the tough-love awesomeness that is in this article. But it’s the truth. Did I feel like writing every time I slammed out 1000+ words a day for Camp NaNoWriMo? No. I did it because I had a goal that I wanted to achieve.

The more I wrote, the easier it got. Writing is often described like a muscle, it gets better the more you use it. You get stronger and the rough parts get easier to push through. It’s important to just GET IT OUT. Edit later.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that needs deadlines. That’s why I was able to nearly double my word count in a month of NaNo when the first 20,000 words took me months to finish. If have no hard-set deadline, I tend to put things off and procrastinate.

Since experiencing Camp NaNoWriMo, I realize now that deadlines are my biggest motivator. There isn’t another camp session until July (and July is going to be a VERY hectic month for me) so, I’m going to try for June. I signed up for JuNoWriMo, but I realize that 50,000 words might not be possible for me. So I’ve set another personal goal of 20,000 words. PS – if you haven’t heard of JuNoWriMo, it’s an independent spin-off of NaNoWriMo, more info here.

Anyone out there taking part in JuNoWriMo? Let me know!

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